Ça. İyn 22nd, 2021

Dear Readers!


Non-submission of maps to Azerbaijan by Armenia shows once again that, the country only serves for the hated and dirty intentions. After Statement on November 10, these cases occur continuously and 30 of our citizens have already been victims of landmines, and dozens of them have lost their health. It seems the people who carry the ended war back to our borders with mines and laid mines at the feet of our residents as part of the great return have not yet learned the hard lessons of the 44-day war. Certainly, the political and military leadership of Armenia is responsible for every bloody incident and let them not forget that sooner or later they will receive their deserved punishment.

A while age, Maharram Ibrahimov (Alioghlu), the Correspondent of Azerbaijan State News Agency (AZƏRTAC), Siraj Abishov, the Operator of Azerbaijan State Television and Arif Aliyev, the Deputy Representative of the Head of the Executive Power of Kalbajar District who were killed as a result of the explosion of an anti-tank mine buried by the Armenian armed forces in the direction of liberated Kalbajar, entering the territory of Azerbaijan and committing provocation to mine roads, as well as the injury of 4 people, are already straining the nerves of Azerbaijani society.

First of all, on behalf of me and the staff of the international magazine “Azerbaijanim”, I hereby present my condolence to the family members of our citizens who rose to the peak of martyrdom as a result of another military provocation committed by the hated Armenian armed forces and wish them patience and pray for healing of the injured soon.

This is another terrorism act committed by Armenia against our media representatives and civilians. Unfortunately, world states and international community are still silent despite of the facts that the issue on intentional and large-scale landmines by Armenia in the territory of Azerbaijan in gross violation of international humanitarian law, including the 1949 Geneva Conventions has been raised by our country at the international level and the insidious plans, such as Armenia’s goal to do as much damage as possible to the Azerbaijani side and to create additional obstacles for the civilian population to return home have been proven by solid facts. It is not a secret that, Armenia is a state of terror and fascism. Scientific research shows that the history of Armenian terror, which is an integral part of international terrorism, has been lasting more than 100 years.

We believe that, now it is necessary to send a tougher message to a specific goal, to put pressure on the Armenian political authorities to put an end to landmine terrorism. According to the Statement on November 10, in particular Russia should be active on this issue and take a firm stand. Also, the USA, Russia, France, as well as a member of the UN Security Council, co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group should take a firm stand on this issue and put pressure on Armenia to provide mine maps to Azerbaijan.

As an Azerbaijan media, the “Azerbaijanim” international magazine hereby strongly condemns the actions of Armenia, a state of terror and fascism, and calls on all international organizations to give a legal assessment to the incident.